How did this happen?

Jam Packed came about almost by default.  The Land of the Hoss Podcast was started back in 2011 by me, standup comedian Nate Hoss.  Originally launched as a medium to let me interview comedians I was performing with, it eventually evolved into a two person show along with my good friend, Buddy Andy.  A topic that would frequently come up on the podcast was the NBA, which Andy has a burning passion for.  He could talk at length with great specificity about the Association. I sometimes had to remind him, “We’re not a basketball podcast.”  Which begged the question….

Why weren’t we doing a basketball only podcast?

Thus, Jam Packed was born. Every week during the season, we’ll talk about the goings on in the basketball world, probably more frequently during the playoffs and will have fun stuff to chat about during the offseason.

We’re glad you’re here and we’re excited to bring you the Jam Packed Basketball Podcast.

Who are we?

Buddy Andy

Originally from Austin, MN, Andy now lives in Wisconsin’s Fox Valley with his wife and two kids. An alum of Wisconsin – La Crosse, he loves NBA basketball, with a fondness for Russ Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder and his old hometown team, the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Nate Hoss

Originally from the mean streets… OK, more like back roads… of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Nate now makes his home in Kimberly, WI with his wife.  Being from Michigan, he has a special place in his heart for the Detroit Pistons (especially that Bad Boys era) and the Michigan Wolverines.  He is also a fan of his alma mater, Northern Michigan University’s basketball teams.